Winter 2015

I got way behind on update these, I missed all of 2015. Oh well! I will do a recap/catch up if for nothing else to remind myself what I did last year. 

For January, February and March, the team that brought Hamlet to Brooklyn in 2014 got back together to work out a 5 man production of Richard II, directed by Ryan Zachary Ward. The process was an ongoing endeavor to create a playful yet powerful, process driven devised work, using only 5 actors for 25+ characters. In March we spent a week in a cabin on the top of Beech Mountain, North Carolina getting into the text, rehearsing all day and having a great time being away from the city.  The several month long work culminated in a performance on a rooftop in Harlem in mid-May, where it was very well received and we had a blast.