December, 2014

No better way to finish out a great year than with my Off-Broadway Debut! I was asked to return to the role of Percy but in a brand new holiday show with the pirates in "The Greatest Pirate Holiday Spectacularrr!!" at the Snapple Theater Center (AKA the Jerry Orbach theater and home of The Fantasticks), as apart of Snapple's Children in the theater program. In this chapter of the pirates' story, they begin to tell their tale from the original show when they are informed it's time for a holiday show and Charles Dickens is summoned to help them, when he discovers that his first page ofA Christmas Carol is blotted with ink and the audience must fill in suggestions to complete the story. The improv songs and scenes are woven seamlessly into a pirate parody of A Christmas Carol and it ends with the pirates rewriting Dickens story while learning the true meaning of Christmas. Between flashy sword fights and silly voices to improv songs equipped with obscure pop culture references and double entendres, it resonated to people of all ages and our 11 show holiday run was a huge success!