November, 2014

Just prior to finishing up the haunt in sleepy hollow, I was invited to participate in Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Baileys clown college of 2014! I was selected to be one of six after The Greatest Show on Earth had held open call auditions in every major city they had toured to that year. I was flown to Chicago and lived with my clown college fellow students for 9 amazing days that included learning everything I never thought I would know about the history of the American circus to the art form of clowning, physical comedy, slapstick, clown makeup, and the amount of incredible work the clowns with Ringling do both in the shows and out in the communities of the cities they are visiting. I forged relationships with some really incredible teachers, performers and colleagues in that amazing week. Although I wasn't quite ready to accept the offer to "run away with the circus" and decided to continue pursuing my acting career here in New York, I have never been exposed to a more caring company and can see myself becoming involved with them again in the near future!